Hi, it’s been a while since the last posting, I spend my time mostly to focus on my thesis, well, it is quit tiring to find and analyze a novel simply not just because it is too difficult or too complicated, everything is actually easy, just simply because of laziness, the biggest challenge for me right now. I am now far from hoping a great thesis or a great theme for my study, the only thing I concern about now is just pass, with not-so-low score. so I can used my paper to increase my carer. to make a thesis we I need to calm myself down, not just because the tiredness and laziness, I have to pull my self down and take a deep breath every time “KAPAN LULUS” Question come up. sometime it’s motivates me, but mostly it was annoyed me. but yeah,,, one of my friend said, just enjoy the process, you’ll miss this kind of things someday in the future. and further,you’ll be proud of yourself. since I realized that I started the college stuff a bit too late and sometimes age-drama haunted me, but what can I do about it? my Mom said, I supposed to have a house and car right now, become a wealth men and having a 3-year-old kids. Honestly I am a bit sad to hear that, That’s what exactly the life that I hoped before in this age,and when I see myself in the mirror,I am like nothing but a walking flesh. when I am in my desperate time, I can do daily activities well, everything is messed up, hard to find a mood boosters to get back my mood. but, I have to be grateful, for all the easiness in my life, I tried not to compared my life to any body, I am pretty sure everybody has their own problem, we can only see from the outside, who knows that my life is a wanted-life for somebody else?  I tried to enjoy every breath that I take,every healthiness,  every moves.it simple but counts.

what is your random stories?


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