Recently, I find myself enjoying various foods, I am kinda person who loyal for particular food and used to eat them over and over again. my taste is a lil’ bit hard to accept new flavor of meals. I watched many food blogger in YouTube lately, and found my interest to taste some of new kind of food that I never taste before. I mean, what should I afraid for when I am trying a new food?, maybe I was to concern about my body shape and fat bulge in my stomach, but who cares for that even more. beside, I wont taste strange food for daily, try a new kind of food once per month will not kills me anyway. so I decided to explore a new food by surfed in internet and found some references. I would not talk about it in this page, I more like to describe my feelings when I try many kind of foods in one day. It’s a little bit confusing for me, not in a bad way but more like excited and wondering where and what did I do in past few years by not trying these amazing food. I actually love it so much, I definitely will arrange a new plan to go another culinary tour and this time, maybe try some wilder and hotter food. dare to join me?


Bekasi. july 5th 2018.


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