This is such a tremendous exhausting week for me, well, I am sick. literally sick. first day was a horrible day for my body. I can’t even move my body properly. dizzy all the time and the fever like never gonna leave my body. and then everything turn better in the night when I was sleeping, thought everything will be fine in the next morning. and then suddenly heavy influenza attacked me in the chilly morning, I don’t know how but whole part of my body feel so pain and throat ache, a disease that long way never come back now attacked again, and this this brutally against my throat, I can’t even smell anything and the liquid keep pouring down from my nose. it was so slathering me, I used to be with influenza but this time like ten hundred time against me. God..! what’s wrong with me…….. I checked my self to hospital, tell the doctor about what I felt, the doctor like usually just gave me the greatest smile and said that everything is okay. I doubt about that since he only gave me paracetamol and antibiotic. but yes it was getting better for a while, for the next day the throat ache turns to cough, very bad cough, and the worst part came after, in the night I thought everything is fine since the cough has been stopped, but it is not, the throat ache turn into asthma and this time I called it a-mega-asthma. why? because I cant take a breath at all, I have to suck oxygen from my mouth all night long wait until morning to checked my self again and go the a proper doctor, since the first doctor that I met was so doubtful, this time I go to a big hospital and meet a young doctor who surprisingly said the same thing with previous doctor. I AM OKAY. BUT DOC. I AM NOT OKAY. OKAY…..! I am suffering. I can’t even breath well, the trumpet-like sound comes out every time breath and I feel like I am drowning in my own body and these doctors said that I am okay????? how come? then the last execution that I took was steam up my throat and for god sake its felt so relieve… for the first time I realize how lucky i am for being a healthy person and have no problem to breath. I was miss to be grateful for this one. now I have to provide salbutamol in my pocket, and vavorub to warming my chest and neck, oh God thanks for all the lesson You gave to me, now I know how lucky i am during this life for becoming healthy person.


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